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A History of Innovation

Visual Engineer's history is built on the experience and requirements of engineers that set the standards for the aircraft completion and modification industries. Today, we continue developing groundbreaking solutions for VVIP, VIP, Commercial and Defense industry clients.

Our Foundation

Visual Engineer was founded in 2010 by 20-year Senior Avionics Engineer, Senior Software Developer, and US Navy Veteran Doug Bess from his passion to improve processes, increase accuracy, efficiency and eliminate manual time-consuming tasks he personally experienced in the Aircraft Completion & Modification Industry. His engineering expertise and thirst for innovation led to the creation of new technologies that revolutionized an industry.

Our Present

Visual Engineer is currently the Market Leader for ECAD in the VIP Completion industry and is now being extensively used by World-Class Commercial and Defense companies.

Our Future

Visual Engineer is always growing and evolving. As industry demands change and markets transform, we'll be at the forefront, leading the way with innovative solutions and that will solve tomorrow's challenges and define progress for years to come.

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