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"Design time has reduced dramatically - almost 50% - across the board. Due to the built-in error checking algorithms, rework has almost dropped to zero. The Visio interface is easy to learn and the design process is extremely intuitive compared to ACAD and Capital Harness.”

Jeff Owens | Comlux

"I love using Visual Engineer, It's smart, easy and when you're designing you don't have to keep going back and forth to make sure which pin or connector to use because Visual Engineer keeps track of that for you. When it's time to do a report, everything is done, all the data is there, all you have to do is press a few buttons and it's complete. 
I love it”

Angie King | Comlux

"Visual Engineer provides us the interconnect database we need at a fraction of the cost.”

Bob Hurley | BHE & Associates

An Email From An Engineer Using Visual Engineer to a Colleague He Once Worked With:

"I would like to introduce you to a good friend of mine Doug Bess.  He is the creator and owner of the newly developed software Visual Engineer.  He would like to demonstrate his software for you guys at [...]  We had it installed here at [...] about a month ago and are already reaping the benefits.  I know this sounds like a freaking Amway presentation but it’s not; this is hands down the best software I have ever used (or even seen) for us Avionics Guys (and you know I’ve been around L).  

The software works through Microsoft Visio, the Visual Engineer portion is a database with a bunch of error checking algorithms.  Basically an entire database of information that you continue to utilize over and over that is completely customizable.  In addition to the wire diagrams, it produces your BOM, Wire Lists, Equipment Lists, Cut Lists, Hook-up Lists, and all of the information in the wire diagram sliced any way you want it, at the push of a button.  

One more benefit is it can also produce your Tech Pub documents with no additional work or interface!  No manual entry errors, no typo errors, no checking errors.  It really is incredible.  

We are literally looking at a 30 to 40% reduction in hours on our first project.  Easily 50% on our next!  Now this doesn’t replace or perform any of the routing drawings, those will still need to be done in AutoCAD, but the parts lists and all of that will already be complete from VE.  

One more note I have to add, we were able to purchase it not only to cut our hours but we pushed it through (the higher-ups) with ease because we took the ‘we have to stay competitive’ angle.  If someone else has this tool, no matter how good you are engineering-wise there is no way you can even come close to being competitive hour-wise."

Faruk Kivrak | Comlux

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