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Visual Engineer was created from the ground up for aircraft avionics and electrical systems integration. It provides the tools Avionics Engineers require with capabilities no other ECAD software provides.

Create Wiring Diagrams

Create Wiring Diagrams faster with simple drag and drop drafting and automatic Equipment and Wire Numbering.

Automated Reporting

Visual Engineer automatically generates Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation, and Procurement reports in seconds.

Bill of Materials

Visual Engineer automatically generates Bill of Materials in seconds. Create Materials List for Wiring Diagrams, Cable Assemblies or entire projects.

Automated Wire

Visual Engineer automatically creates and manages Wire Numbers in Airbus, Boeing or any OEM standard format.

Data Management

Visual Engineer’s built-in data management system automatically organizes your electrical systems design data so that information for any component, wire or connection may be searched in seconds.

Automated Sheet and Drawing References

Eliminate typos and incorrect drawing and sheet references using Visual Engineer's smart stencils.

Create Cable Assemblies

Create Cable Assemblies faster with simple drag and drop drafting, automated materials list and automated wire route calculations.

Automated Tech Pubs

Visual Engineer automatically generates Airbus, Boeing and other OEM Standard Technical Publications in seconds.

Automated Change

Visual Engineer’s maintains a history of changes made to each drawing. Track Changes and are shown on all reports by use of Rev Bars, Strike-throughs and Highlights. 

Automated Pin Management

Visual Engineer automatically manages connector, contact and terminal block availability and usage. 

Aircraft Fleet
Effectivity Management

Visual Engineer's built-in Fleet Management capabilities simplifies effectivity configuration and design differences across entire fleets.

Create Wire Kits

Create Wire Kits in seconds with automated Materials List and Wire Kit Report generation.

Automated Error Checks

Visual Engineer automatically checks projects and drawings for hundreds of design errors, in-consistencies, and compatibility with other drawings in seconds.

Automated Reference Designators

Visual Engineer automatically creates and manages Equipment Reference designators in Airbus, Boeing or any OEM standard format.

Automated Drawing
Sync and Updates

Visual Engineer ensures consistency across all drawings, reports. Changes on one drawing to Equipment and Wire Numbers are automatically synchronized on all other drawings and reports in real-time.

Aircraft Electrical
Parts Library

Visual Engineer's Master Part's Library makes life easier from day one. Engineers do research once on parts and then they’re visible and available to everyone on the team.

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